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Trio rop is a swedish vocal trio singing contemporary folk songs. Their goal is to open up the idea of what a folk song is. They strive to make the tradition accessible to people outside of the folk community by singing about topics they themselves miss in the genre. Such as the stories about queer love. With three very different voices, unexpected arrangements and unimaginable presence, they will move something deep inside you.

"With power and tenderness, playfulness and gravity Trio Rop creates a unique vocal soundscape in which the story takes place. Their debut album Mellan oss (Between us) tells us the tale of love breaking, great grief, recovery and the life that happens in between. Between us."

09 Släpp ut migTrio Rop
00:00 / 01:52
05 KastaTrio Rop
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Label: Kakafon records,,

Promotion: Peter Holmstedt,



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“Rather than writing I would say the trio has composed this material. The tracks are more than songs, they’re pieces of tones and words created now and then, here and there.” 


“Like a weave of notes around the web of life, that’s how it sounds.”

 -Bengt Eriksson tidningen Hi fi & musik

“Three heavenly voices, sporadically joined by six other voices, takes you from idyllic dreamlike moments to passages of great intensity.”


“Vocal and emotional storytelling on the highest level in this unsurpassed musical project.” 


(Translated from Dutch)

“Sometimes they sing without lyrics and the voices then sound as instrument. For example in “Simma aldrig ensam”... which is extremely impressing concerning it’s arrangement…”


“The short “Släpp ut mig” (Let me out) brings my mind to Marie Boines music and the ambiance in Joik, this song is powerful and brilliant! It’s also impressing when the three voices sometimes overlap each other to a degree that it makes your ears ring.”


“Yes the three people in Trio Rop has managed to do something really impressing, extremely rare and completely different from what is former known in the a cappella-genre.”

(Translated from german)

“The title Mellan oss (Between us) really express the way the stories are told and what they embody. There are strong poetic lyrics about relationships and the different passages of life seen from a creative, playful and sometimes very serious perspective.”

“The pieces are conveyed by the trio’s powerful and dynamic voices which captures the vivid spirit of the lyrics completely. The songs are framed by occasional dissonant chords and harmonies, which contributes to an expression of soulfulness.”

- Lira Musikmagasin 

(Translated from Swedish)



Trio Rop was formed in 2016. The idea came from an urge to find a self-evident space for the voice as an instrument and a will to work with music from an equal point of view. From the start the trio worked with traditional folk songs, but eventually the feeling that something was missing in the tradition started to grow. They longed for folk lyrics that expressed the topics and emotions they themselves can relate to. Therefore they started writing their own songs inspired by the Swedish folk tradition. Trio Rop strives to keep one foot in the world of the traditional singing and at the same time introduce contemporary and everyday topics to the constantly changing folk tradition. Since the summer of 2017, they’ve done concerts in various venues in Sweden. Such as Delsbostämman - folk festival in Hälsingland, Café nyfiket in Rättvik, the international folk festival ini Göteborg, Norrköpings folk festival, the great folk venue “Malmö Folk” in Malmö and so on. 2019 Trio Rop released their first EP Hon kisar mot mig (She squints at me) and during the pandemic in 2020 they released the singles Snö (Snow) and Simma aldrig ensam (Never swim alone) together with a music video. (link to video)

With their latest release Mellan oss (Between us), the trio hopes to reach an audience that wouldn’t usually listen to folk music. With help from their promotor Peter Holmstedt they’ve received some very nice international reviews and are currently working on international bookings for the future. 


With power and tenderness, playfulness and gravity, Trio Rop creates a unique vocal soundscape where the story is in focus. Their debut album Mellan oss (In between us) tells the tale of heartbreak, profound grief, recovery and the life that happens in between. Between us.


Through a burning desire to tell stories of the human condition and the things in life that feel incomprehensibly big, Trio Rop grounds themselves in traditional storytelling and Swedish folksong. This tradition was historically used as a way of sharing and remembering stories and events. In this spirit, Trio Rop seeks to make visible the stories they themselves miss in the Swedish folk tradition. The tales of the misfits, of queer love and the power of friendship. With their innovative compositions, vocalists Elin Buxfeldt, Petrix Hessel and Sofia Källman take us to a tranquil place full of backlight and beautiful shadows.


Trio Rop was formed in the south of Sweden in 2016 and has released multiple singles and an EP - Hon kisar mot mig (She squints at me). Their debut album Mellan oss is recorded by Klara Goliger at the studio Music A Matic in the fall of 2021 and was released on May 20th 2022. Trio Rop are joined by six other voices on the album. 

Between us lies everything and nothing. Between us, the future is built.

Between us lie siblinghood, grief, love, cries and whispers. It all lives between us. 

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